Car Detailing Services in Lancaster, PA

Full-service, professional car & truck detailing in Lancaster County, PA

Auto Traders International LTD provides professional car detailing services in downtown Lancaster city for vehicle-lovers near and far. Cars, pickup trucks, vans, SUVs… we do it all! Whether it’s your first time using our detailing services or if you’ve used them in the past, our team’s goal is to hand you the keys to your car that feels like new and exceeds all of your expectations.

More than a car wash or a vacuum — It's preserving the integrity and value of your vehicle.

You might be wondering, "what's the point of paying to have my car/truck detailed? "

Routine auto detailing preserves your car’s original appearance, and helps to improve its resale value. Regular detailing takes care of all of the washing and cleaning you should be doing every 6-12 months.

✓ Interior & Exterior Auto Detailing

We provide both interior and exterior detailing services for any make/model car, pickup truck, van, or SUV.

Our goal is to give your car truck its life back.

As a full-service, comprehensive auto detailing shop in Lancaster, PA, we’ll work to restore your car or truck back to like-new condition. 

No high-pressure sales – We’ll only recommend the details your vehicle needs.

Like you, each of our team members has experienced the high-pressure salesperson trying to squeeze a few more dollars out of us.

Why? We hate it too. This is why at Auto Traders International, we promise that those high-pressure sales gimmicks will never happen here.

Our down-to-earth, expert team will start by understanding your needs and make honest recommendations and provide straightforward, professional service.

“This dealership is a top-notch organization to deal with. No haggles, no frustrations. Just a great product. We would absolutely work with them again.”

Jeanna G. — 5-Star Google Review

Custom auto detailing services tailored to the unique needs of your vehicle

We do it all — from washing and vacuuming your car or truck to shampooing carpets and adding on a fresh coat of paint. But, don’t miss our foggy headlight restoration.

We’ll clean the inside and outside of your vehicle. Our detailing services are for everyone from sports car enthusiasts or first-time car owners. We help teens, parents, retirees, and everyone in between. Whether you’re looking to remove old stains or bring your car into the 21st century, we have a perfect service for you.

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Our No-Fuss, No-Haggle Promise

Call us at (717) 295-5000, email us, or come to the shop, and we will be happy to recommend the needed car detailing & cleaning services for your vehicle in a no-fuss, no-haggle way.

Foggy Headlight Restoration Service

Our headlight service is one that most other shops don’t offer. Because UV Rays from the sun can turn the plastic in your headlights yellow, this service helps keep your lights looking bright and clear. Our experts remove your headlights, buff the plastic clear, and apply a new UV Coating for years of protection. 

Full, Comprehensive Auto Detailing Services

Check out our complete list of full-service vehicle detailing options. Our pricing is competitive and represents average auto costs of car detailing services in Lancaster, PA. You should expect to spend between $125-$150 to full-service detail your vehicle. 

Our services include: 

  • ✓ Upholstery Extraction
  • ✓ Steam Cleaning
  • ✓ Decontamination
  • ✓ Tree Sap Removal
  • ✓ Tar Removal
  • ✓ Leather Treatment
  • ✓ Road Paint Removal
  • ✓ Clay Bar
  • ✓ Overspray
  • ✓ Undercarriage Washing
  • ✓ Wheel Off Cleaner
  • ✓ Upgraded Sealant
  • ✓ Headlight Restoration
  • ✓ Engine Bay Cleaning
  • ✓ On-Site Sanitizing fleets
  • ✓ Refinish Damaged Wheels

Auto Detailing Pricings*

*All pricing subject to 6% sales tax

Full Detail – Car


Full Detail – Truck or Large SUV


Hand Wash + Quick Wax


Hand Wash + Quick Wax + Quick Vac


Hand Wash + Hand Wax + Vac + Window Cleaning


Headlight Polishing


Headlight Buff & Clear


Wheel Refinish per wheel


Our “No-fuss” Process

We make our process easy so that you don’t have to worry about your vehicle, and we can do what you want: cleaning and detailing your car or truck. When you need us, we are here to help.

Schedule An Appointment

Email us or call us at (717) 295-5000 to schedule your appointment and ask for our Car Detailing department.

Your Vehicle Drop-off

At the time of your appointment, bring your car or truck to our location at 1006 Prince Street, Lancaster, PA (Google Maps). Depending on the anticipated timeline for the repair, we’ll gladly host you in our waiting room, or help coordinate a rental car.

Enjoy The Brand New Feeling

We let the results speak for themselves… When you pick up your vehicle, we hope you’re blown away with how great it looks so you can enjoy that new car feeling!

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Our No-Fuss, No-Haggle Promise

Call us at (717) 295-5000, email us, or come to the shop, and we will be happy to recommend the needed auto detailing & cleaning services for your vehicle in a no-fuss, no-haggle way.

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